Frequently asked questions

Tongariro Alpine Crossing

What is the Ketetahi One Way Shuttle?

This is our most popular and convenient option as you leave your car at the end of the Crossing, take our Shuttle to the start. Self hike and reurn in your own time. No need to wait for a shuttle at the end of the hike OR worry about missing it.

Where is the Ketetahi Car Park?

Located on State Highway 46 opposite the Ketetahi track end.

What happens if my Shuttle is cancelled due to bad Weather?

You will be informed then offered a full refund or option to reschedule to the next fine day.

What is the age limit? Can I take my baby?

We highly recommend you dont take children under 8 years of age. Do not take a child if you need to carry them over the entire track. We don't recommend taking a baby as it is slippery in some places and you will be exposed to the elements all day. However it is a possibility if you are experienced and have a purpose built hiking pack for the baby. We will not transport any child who requires a car seat unless you provide one.

What happens if the weather suddenly turns bad while I am on the track?

Turn back if you are at any location before the Red Crater. If you have passed the Red Crater, keep going to the end. Call us immediately so we are aware and can keep track of your expected progress and be there to pick you up. If for any reason you feel unsafe OR in danger call Emergency Service on 111.

What do I need to pack or take with me on the Crossing?

Strong comfortable hiking shoes with good ankle support - NO slip on shoes. Sun protection: hat, sun glasses, sun cream (min of SPF 30+). Warm clothing: thermal layers, mid layers and top layers- The weather can change suddenly. Waterproof Trousers and Jacket - Just in case. Water - 3 litres per person. Mobile phone - In case of an emergency. Snacks - to keep your energy levels up. Toilet paper - Toilets along the trail do not have this item.

Are there toilets along the trail?

YES. Please use them and not the nearest rock on the mountain itself. There are toilets placed along the trail. You will need to take your own toilet paper.

How long will it take me to hike the entire trail?

Each individuals fitness levels differ so allow anywhere between 6 - 8 hours to complete the Crossing. If you think you may need extra time on the trail you MUST book an early shuttle. If you have a Return Shuttle you may be left behind if you don't have an early morning departure. Plan wisely.

Is Tongariro an active Volcano?

Yes, eruptions can occur with little or no warning. Check volcanic activity at: www.geonet.org.nz>volcano>tongariro

How can I check the weather forecast? Will you advise if it is unsafe to walk?

It's important to research and plan, prepare and equip yourself well so you have the right gear and skills required for this trip. Always check the lastest track and weather conditions. If trvelling alone. Tell somebody your plans. We will only operate weather permitting. Use metservice.com/mountains-and-parks/national-parks/tongariro for the latest weather update.

Here is a safety video for your convenience.

Whakapapa ski field

Where do I board the Shuttle?

National Park, "Park n Ride" near the Train Station on Carol Street.

When can I catch a shuttle back down from the mountain.

We have up to 4 departure times to bring you back doen to the "Park n Ride" in the afternoon.

What time do the Shuttles depart National Park?

We have departures every hour from 9am to 12pm.


Can I change my combo?

You need to contact us.