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Within the small region of Waikato exists a piece of New Zealand natural wonder called the Tongariro National Park. This park has dramatically different landscape features and varied flora throughout the park. From breathtaking waterfalls to forests, to alpine splendor, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the Turangi splendor through different Tongariro National Park walks. Depending on your interest and ability level, Tongariro offers a range of hikes and walks for all skill levels. Enjoy a simple 2-3 hour walk through waterfalls, one of the more popular walking loops in the region. View Taranaki Falls on a simple loop that sits just at the Whakapapa Visitor center. This site is home to an over 1,500 year old lava flow. Further, the hike to the Silica Rapids is a great chance for hikers to view varied terrain ranging from mountains to rivers to waterfalls, and on clear days, explorers are able to catch a glimpse of Mount Ngauruhoe.

For longer hikes and adventures there are shuttle options available. Many hikers decide to check off the Tongariro crossing hike from their bucket list. This hike is one of the main reasons travelers journey to the area. Utilizing the Tongariro crossing shuttle Turangi visitors are still able to gain access to this exclusive hike. Available from October to April, this shuttle will take you back to anywhere in Turangi following your hike. In addition to shuttle transportation, hikers can also take advantage of a complimentary cold beverage as well as free use of hiking poles. We will also happily provide you with an area map so you are free to enjoy the diverse and plentiful hiking in the area. With the use of the Tongariro crossing shuttle Turangi guests are able to conveniently enjoy access to every part of this beautiful national park.

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