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Safety in Tongariro National Park Hikes

For the most part, Tongariro National Park hikes are extremely safe and doable for all members of the family. There are a variety of hikes ranging from simple walking loops to full day hikes on steep inclines. Being prepared ahead of time to experience Tongariro National Park hikes is key to success and safety. Always be aware of the current weather conditions and volcanic warnings. The national park is part of an active volcano, so warning should always be taken seriously. There are three active volcanoes near the alpine crossing with active vents. If you are in one of these areas during volcanic activity, you may be in danger. Visiting the Geonet website ahead of your hike can help you stay safe. During winter months, snowfall is very likely through the alpine pass. Only experienced mountaineers should be hiking in the area during the winter. If you are considering a winter hike, be well aware of avalanche safety and protocol, as avalanches can occur at any time during the hike.
A best practice among hikers to help avoid potential dangers is to take advantage of the mountain shuttle Tongariro has to offer. Provided by Active Outdoor Adventures, these shuttles are designed to allow hikers to see the wonder of New Zealand, while also keeping them safe. Many hikes through the Tongariro National Park are one way routes due to their length and difficulty. Scheduling a mountain shuttle Tongariro offers is a great way to safely make it back to your final destination at the end of the day. Darkness and sudden weather can make an extended hike dangerous and difficult. Having a shuttle at hand to help facilitate an easy route back not only allows you to enjoy more time hiking, but keeps your hike a safe adventure. Shuttles run regularly between October and April and can be booked for $35 to $50 depending on your location.

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