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Running consistently from October to April, Active Outdoor Adventures offers many options for a Tongariro alpine crossing shuttle. No matter where you are located in the Waikato region, we have a shuttle to help serve your needs. Our shuttles canvass the area and can pick you (and your gear) up from several destinations in the area. We have a dedicated shuttle in Turangi which is happy to pick you up or drop you off at any of the popular accommodations throughout this region. We also have a shuttle that operates in Aoa with free parking at our Active Outdoor Adventures parking lot. Hikers are welcome to leave their cars and set out on a hike. Our shuttle bus will leave early in the morning and return to the parking lot from Ketetahi at the end of the day. Transportation is also available from Round. These three shuttle options are happy to take you to the Tongariro alpine crossing. A Tongariro crossing booking can be completed online or by telephone.
For the Tongariro alpine crossing shuttle, be sure to schedule in advance. This is an incredibly popular hike, and availability is limited. The price for transportation ranges from $40 to $55 depending on your starting location. Active Outdoor Adventures is a local, Maori family owned business that prides itself on being able to share the wonder and culture of the Waikato, New Zealand region with visitors. Hikers are all connected through our passion for nature, and we are pleased to be able to share our native beauty with visitors. Our Tongariro crossing booking will help facilitate your crossing hike with easy to use scheduled transportation.

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