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Visitors to the Waikato area in New Zealand come for the unbelievable hiking and varied terrain. Getting from place to place though, especially after a difficult or technical hike, can be a challenge. The team at Active Outdoor Adventures is here to help. We offer several shuttle and transportation options in the area, including a shuttle to Tongariro Crossing. By utilizing a Tongariro shuttle bus, you are able to enjoy long, one way hikes, without having to worry about your return trek. Plus, with three different Tongariro options, we are able to get you to the Tongariro alpine area from any location.
Our shuttle to Tongariro Crossing is extremely popular for hikers wanting to explore everything the Waikato region has to offer. This hike is a 19.4 kilometer crossing that takes the hiker through varied terrain. Understand that parts of the crossing can be quite steep, and weather conditions are apt to change at a moment's notice. The crossing also goes through an active volcano site, so hikers should heed current volcano activity and warnings seriously. The bravest of hikers will be rewarded through with alpine views of mountain peaks and alpine lakes. The team at Active Outdoor Adventures wants to allow you to see the beauty our country has to offer, and we can facilitate your hike with easy transportation.

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